We are Kristy & Amelia, Two Eclectic Witches, Sisters by marriage in this life and by blood and sisterhood in many lives before. Both uniquely different with common beliefs and intentions. We are Strong, Self empowered women and with our combined knowledge of Ancient Traditions and Modern Practices we developed our own personalized form of Witchcraft to meet our individual needs and abilities. We do not follow one path , instead we study many, we practice many and use what works best for us and for our Clients.

We offer Custom Spell Casting services and Healing practices using a combination of these Old Traditions and Modern Intuitive Techniques. Our tailored service focuses on the individual as a whole – Mentally, Physically and Spiritually, enabling us to balance and align the energies best suited to their desired outcome and help them to recall their own innate Self Power and Magick.


Amelia is a Fire Witch, A Leo Sun with a Taurus Moon and Aries Rising. She is the Strength card in the major arcana and the Queen of Wands in the minor. She is ruled by the sun and led by her heart. Her fire attributes and life experiences give her exceptional strength emotionally and physically. She is a positive force, The light in the darkest of situations and has the inept ability to spark the flame of self empowerment in others. As an Intuitive Crystal Wand Maker and Spell Caster she works with the guidance first and foremost of Archangel Metatron as well as others.She is the niece of the former Head of Dorset Mediumship and her connection to spirit and intuitive gifts are strong. She is a powerful Manifester, Protection caster, Energy Healer and Energy Clearer.

Eclectic Witch – Fire Witch – Intuitive Crystal Wand Witch – Spell Caster – Clairvoyant – Clairaudient – Clairsentient – Indigo Child – Energy Worker – Alchemist – Natural Empath – Manifester


Kristy is an Earth Witch. A Virgo Sun with a Cancerian Moon, Aquarius Rising & Leo in Mercury. Born in the year of the Horse. Represented by the Hermit in the major arcana and the Queen of Swords in the minor. She has an amazing ability to absorb information.Her greatest asset is wisdom and common sense. She is able to analyze any situation quickly and recall the relevant knowledge needed. She is a strong em-path that can see things as they are and often speaks the truth that others can not. She feels deeply but never lets her emotions cloud her judgement or work but uses them as an intuitive guide to the truth. These unique abilities allow her to walk into the eye of the storm, grounded and with clarity, seeing all possibilities and most importantly the truth of the situation. With her nurturing energy she will confidently guide you to the best course of action for your situation. As a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner she is strongly connected to the earth energies and the elements. She has Celtic / Nordic roots and feels a strong connection with the Old Ways and is comfortable connecting to upper and lower realms for guidance. She loves nature and understands the healing and magickal properties of plants and herbs. She is a powerful Spell caster, Problem solver, Healer and Protector.

Earth Witch – Eclectic Witch- Hedge Witch, Shamanic Witch, Natural Empath- Yoga Teacher- Shamanic Reiki Practitioner -Spell Caster- Energy Worker – Clairvoyant – Clairaudient – Clairsentient – Tarot Diviner – Herb Witch – Crystal Healer