We offer a range of Spell Casting, Healing, House Cleansing and Blessing services. These vary from simple quick spells and blessings to give you that instant boost to fully customized spell castings and rituals tailored to the individuals specific needs. We do not work with Hexing Spells or Revenge Spells so please do not ask us too. Magick is a tricky business and if you want to hex someone or exact revenge be aware there is always a price and it could come back at you. For more info on the different types of spell packages and what they involve please scroll down or head over to the Spell Casting Services section of our shop. If you are unsure of what spell you require or perhaps its not listed please do contact us.

Candle Magick Blessings – £25

These are Potent Spells designed for quick boosts where ever and whenever you need it. We offer several types : Good luck Spells, Money Drawing Spells, Confidence Spells, Energy Clearing Spells, Protection Spells, Energy Boosting Spells, Concentration Spells and many more. The Client will need to provide a clear summary of intention IE have a job interview tomorrow I need some luck or confidence. We then perform our candle magick and blessings rituals for you. Details of each spell can be found on our Shop Page.

Spell Castings – £60

Our Spell Castings are more intense and potent rituals. Again we offer these at a set price which can be purchased directly from our shop. These spells are worked in conjunction with the lunar phases to make them more potent however if you wish them to be cast sooner we will oblige. This range includes spells such as Business Growth, Protection, Un-hexing, Energy Clearing, Money Magick, Healing Spells, Banishing and many more, if you require a spell that is not listed in our examples then please do contact us. The Client May need to provide us with a photograph either of themselves, the business etc… and a full explanation of what they need help with.

Custom Spell Casting – £100 /£250

Our fully customized Spell Casting service is exactly that. We speak with our clients, we get background information on their situation, health, well being etc… We require a photo of them and if working for their business etc… then photos and details of that too. We meditate on these details and ask anymore questions we feel might be relevant. We work with the client designing the spell needed for them, some times this maybe different to the spell they had in mind depending on what we feel is the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it may take several different spells if there are different aspects that need addressing. We will also send our client instructions, mantras and any items we feel they require to start their own rituals and work alongside us. In these spells we will work with the lunar cycles casting when the energies are at their most potent and we continue to work with the client and cast until the spell is complete. For this reason the client must contact us prior to purchasing, We have split it into 3 tiers reflecting the amount of work and time we have to commit to it, tier 1 is £100, tier 2 is £175 and teir 3 is £250. Once agreed these can then be purchased in our shop

Healing – £60

Combining specific Healing Spells with Shamanic Reiki. Whether you want to just balance your energies, sooth pain, boost your immune system , heal from a broken heart, Clear your head, Connect deeper to yourself or spirit, Relax or compliment ongoing medical treatment, This beautiful healing system will re-balance, re-vitalize and relax you- mentally, physically and spiritually. The client will need to provide a picture of themselves and Background information relevant to the healing session. An appointment will be arranged as the client will be required to relax for 1 hour at the time of healing. This can be purchased in store.

House Cleansing Ritual – £250

This is a full house Cleansing,Protecting and Blessing Service, preformed in person by Amelia and Kristy. This helps to banish unwanted or excessive energies from your property, Clear old stagnant, negative or disruptive energy out and allow new positive energy to flow. After undertaking clearing rituals to remove all unwanted energies, we place protection spells around the home and bless it with abundance, happiness and health for you and your family. This can also be adapted into your work space or shop if wanted. Please note this is only available to our UK Clientele living in Dorset or the surrounding counties. Available to purchase in Store