Bath Rituals Sets




Bath Ritual Kits

Contain : 1 x Bath Bomb & 1 x Votive Candle

Bathing Rituals are an important part of any magick or craft. The Water element is cleansing, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too. Combining the purification of the water with herbs, salts, essences, candles and crystals, you are able to cleanse yourself of old energies and enhance your vibration towards any desired outcome. It is common to use bathing rituals before circle and spell casting but is a lovely stand alone ritual that can be done at anytime to release blockages and unwanted energies and recharge your energies in a more focused way. our available range is listed below please ensure you select the correct option at the checkout.

Protection – Removes / Repels all unwanted energies whilst promoting inner strength  and enhancing your vibration to keep disruptive negative energies away.

Prosperity – Removes all  mental, emotional, spiritual blockages towards abundance, helps to raise your vibration towards positive, creative thinking and makes you more receptive to receiving abundance.

Grounding – some times our energies ping and we become scattered and unfocused . Grounding/ Earthing these energies  re-balance us physically, mentally and spiritually. These are especially good in times of high excitement, stress or anxiety as well as for those who  are healers and may absorb energy from there clients or wish to ground themselves before treatments.

Psychic Enhancement – Water has always been a good enhancer of connection to Spirit. Purifying yourself of any emotional, physical or spiritual blockages, clearing your mind and raising the vibration of the third eye to strengthen your connection.

Water Witch – Pure purification, cleanse your mind, body and soul of all unwanted energies. Calling purely on the power of the Water element to leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

New Moon – The Beginning of the Lunar Cycle. It’s the time of new beginnings. The perfect time  for self reflection, course correction, intention setting and new projects. Helping those creative juices flow , encouraging positive energy and focusing your mind towards those those new goals and projects.

Full Moon –The  end of the lunar cycle. A time to reflect and assess , a time to give gratitude for the blessings of the cycle past  and a time to release. Its also a time of rest and recharging before the new cycle begins  and the perfect time to cleanse yourself and your home.This is purifying, uplifting  & grounding.

Brigid Blessings – Welcome the energy of The Goddess Brigid,  Bringing Fertility, Abundance, Creativity, Health, and Protection into your heart and home.


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