Moon Witch Set


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Moon Witch Set

Our Moon Witch Bath Set is designed to help you discover the magick of the lunar cycle. The lunar Cycle starts with the New Moon, A time for self reflection and to ask yourself what you really want. It’s the time to set goals and intentions , Plan new projects and new paths and to tell the universe what you want.¬† It is at this time we cast spells for abundance, creativity , Love and well being. The Lunar cycle finishes with the Full Moon, This is a time of rest, release and gratitude.¬† Its the best time to cast spells to banish unwanted energies, for protection and for purifying and cleansing ready for the new lunar cycle ahead.

Bathing rituals are an important part of Moon Magick. The Moon is closely associated with the element of water. It’s cleansing properties help to remove blockages and impurities from our minds, bodies and souls. It helps us release all that does not serve us so we can raise our vibrations and move forward with clarity. Bathing rituals also allow us some personal time, some self love and relaxation which we often forget about.

This set Contains 1 x New Moon Candle, 1 x New Moon Bath Bomb, 1 x Full Moon Candle & 1 x Full Moon Bath Bomb

this set comes with instructions on how to use .

Made under the New Moon and Full Moon and blessed by Bohobanshees


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