Ultimate Witches Candle Magick Set


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Ultimate Witches Candle Magick Set


1 x Energy Grounding Votive Candle

Grounding / Earthing Rituals, centre your soul in your body and reconnect you to the Earths energies. They are used by healers, witches  and all types of energy workers, before and after their practices or to simply reconnect and disperse excessive unbalanced energies.

These soy candles use our favourite blends of essential oils, herbs and crystals renowned for their unique abilities to ground, repel and calm different energies. With subtle aromas of Cinnamon, Lavender, Clove, Clary sage and topped with White, Pink & Black Himalayan salt, Lavender, Crushed Smokey Quartz and Sandal wood.


1 x Protection Votive Candle

Magical Protection Candles ward off all negative energies. Repelling evil spirits, protecting against psychic attacks, absorbing negative fields with in the environment and promotes inner strength, clarity and positive energy.

These beautiful handmade Protection soy candles are our own favourite blends that we use in our personal practices and rituals. With subtle tones of Mugwort & Hyssop, Lavender buds, Black rock salt & Rose petals


1 x Psychic Enhancement Candle

We all have the ability to connect and work with the realms of spirit. For some it comes easily for some it takes a little more practice. Psychic Enhance Spells and tools help to purify, protect and connect us. They calm our energies, earth us whilst gently lifting and focusing our vibrations in order to become more receptive and aware. They also help us replenish our psychic energies which can easily be exhausted.

These candles incorporate the high vibrational energies of mugwort, Atlas cedar, sandalwood, amethyst and sea salt.


 1 x Prosperity Votive Candle

Burn these for good luck, to raise your creative energies, focus and enhance your energies towards a positive, prosperous outcome, to remove all blockages or negative obstacles and  open your heart to receiving abundance.

These soy candles use our favourite blends of essential oils, herbs and crystals renowned for their unique abilities to attract good luck and encourage prosperity. With subtle aromas of Sandal wood, Bergamot, Bay laurel and topped with Pyrite chips, Bay leaf and Gold leaf.

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