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Brigid Blessings

Triple Goddess of ancient Celtic origin. Mother Goddess of Ireland, born at sunrise, daughter of the Earth God Dagba.

Celtic Goddess of Flame, a Sun Goddess, Goddess of Light/Dawn, Moon Goddess, Goddess of Well and Water. Earth Goddess of Land and Fertility. Both feminine and masculine, light and dark, maiden and crone, winter and summer.

Fire of Forge -Goddess of Arts, Handicrafts, Justice & War

Fire of Heart – Goddess of Home, Childbirth, Fertility, Animals, Farming, Healing and Herbs.

Fire of Inspiration – Goddess of Arts, Poetry, Prophecy, Music, Magic, Language & Education

In Wiccan/pagan she is the Maiden Goddess, Goddess of spring, the bringer of New Growth and Fertility, Inspiration, Deep wisdom, Divination, Healing, Midwifery and Fertility, Abundance, Peace and Purification.

She has many names, celebrated in many ancient Traditions including St Brigid in Christianity. Honoured at Imbolc the quarter sabbat, the beginning of spring, half point of winter.

Brigid can be welcomed into your lives any time you need her not just at imbolc. We often ask her to bless newly weds, bless homes, offer her inspiration to those that have temporarily lost theirs and to bless our gardens and crops.

Brigid Blessing Box:

1 x Brigid Corn Dollie
1 x Brigid Bath bomb
1 x Brigid Votive Candle
1 x 10g Brigid Raw Incense
1 x 10ml Brigid Anointing Oil

This Box also contains 3 Brigid Blessings and full instructions on ways to honor & welcome Brigid into your home & hearth.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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