Protection Raw Incense 10g


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Protection – Raw Incense 10g

The burning of incense for ritual or ceremonial purposes dates back thousands of years, across all traditions, religions and practices.

Whether its the burning of a particular wood on a fire, to the frankincense inspired incenses of church ceremonies we can all agree there is an unquestionable direct effect that comes from this sensory fire magick.

Certain aromas arouse us, others clear our minds, others calm us whilst some invigorate us.

Here at Bohobanshees we combine our wisdom of ancient magickal herbs with the art of aromatherapy to produce specialized incense blends to induce / enhance energies towards your specific desires.

Protection Incense uses an infusion or Myrrh, Frankincense, Copal, Sandalwood, Sage, Rose, Acacia and Star Anise to cleanse/purge negative energies, raise your vibration and repel all unwanted energies from your space, energy fields and your those created from within us.

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