Banishing Ritual Oil 20ml


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Banishing Ritual Oil 20ml

Our  Banishing Ritual Oil is a Blend of Cinnamon Bark, Chili Flakes, Rosemary Leaf, Ground Pepper Corns, Lemon Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil & Olive oil

Use to anoint candles and altars for Banishing Rituals & Spells. Place drops in the corners of your home to banish negative energies & entities. Place a few drops on items that may be holding residual energy from previous owners. Can also be used in un-hexing/uncrossing spells. Place a few drops at your front door or gate to repel unwanted people from knocking on your door. There are lots of possible uses for this powerful banishing blend. Never apply Conjuring oils directly on your skin, especially as this one contains cinnamon and chili.

Cinnamon –  Boosts magickal ability of ingredients, Protection from negative energy, Healing

Peppermint – calls good spirits to aid you,  dispels negativity & bad energy

Rosemary – Dispels negative energy, protective & transforms energy

Peppercorns – Dispels malevolent intent

Lemon – Removes blockages & Negates negative energy

Chili – Fire & Energy, Adds Power to Spells & Rituals, Protection & Strength


All our Products are 100% organic, handmade and ethically sourced.

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