Power Conjuring Oil 20ml


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Power Conjuring Oil 20ml

Our Power Conjuring oil is infused with Cinnamon Bark, Whole Cloves, Ginger Oil , Nutmeg Oil, Orange Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove oil and Apricot Oil & Tigers Eye Chips.

This Oil is intended to  encourage self empowerment. Using herbs that promote Self Love, Courage, Confidence, Creativity and known to improve your mood and raise your vibration. The combination used are also associated with Fire, Masculine Energy and the Sun. It is also  perfect to use for any spells that you wish to give a little more power too. This oil does not give you power over other people or influence situations it purely encourages you to find your true inner power, confidence and self esteem in yourself.

Use to anoint candles, altars , clothes or areas like your work space. Simply keep the bottle  where you work to raise the vibration. Anoint business plans or our clothes prior to meetings or interviews, or add a few drops to a diffuser for a subtle aroma. Never apply Conjuring Oils Directly on your skin.

Cinnamon – Healing, Protection, Love, Success & Power

Apricot Kernel Oil –  Love, Attracts Love

Cloves – Protection, Strengthens the Mind, Strength & Courage, Attracts Spiritual Vibrations,  Love

Ginger – Invokes the power of Fire & Sun, Prosperity & Success, Raises Magickal Energy,  Protection & Health

Nutmeg – Comforting, Mood Enhancing, Healing, Attracts Love

Orange – Invokes Sun Energy,  Abundance, Reduces Stress & Nervousness, Aids Divination

Tigers Eye – Inner Calm, Stability, Strengthens Spirit, Protection

All our Products are 100% organic, handmade and ethically sourced.

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