Protection Magick Oil 20ml

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 Protection Ritual Oil 20ml

Magick oils are used for anointing ritual candles, clothes etc to promote and enhance energies associated with its properties.

Protection Ritual Oils, ward off all negative energies. Repelling evil spirits, protecting against psychic attacks, absorbing negative fields with in the environment and promotes inner strength, clarity and positive energy.

This Oil is infused with Mugwort, hyssop, lavender & rose with added Tormaline chips.

Our Protection oil is infused and charged under the full moon and blessed by Bohobanshees. Using our own favourite recipe perfected over years. Our products are 100% organic and if not grown by our fair hands are sourced responsibly.

Use on candles for ritual work or around the house to protect your home. Sprinkle on charms or mojo Bags to carry with you. Sprinkle on your door mat to stop negativity entering your home. Add a few drops to your car seat to protect you on journeys, use it where ever you need it.

All our products are organic, handcrafted or ethically sourced. All products are made with highest and purest intent.

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1 review for Protection Magick Oil 20ml

  1. Nikki W

    Gorgeously crafted bottle of oil, the presentation is just amazing. Thanks once again BohoBanshees!

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