Candle Magick & Blessings




Candle Magick & Blessings


Our Candle Magick & Blessing Rituals are potent Spells used whenever you require that extra boost quickly. These are performed as and when needed.We do an extensive range of Blessings and Spells. Below are listed some of our most popular ones. Please make sure you state which spell you want when purchasing and be sure to send us a photo of yourself and a summary of your intent / wish via email.


Good luck Spell – Add a good old bit of luck to your endeavors and life with this luck enhancing Spell

Protection Spell – Helps to repel negative  energies , thoughts and influences away from you

Energy Clearing Spell – Helps to clear all excessive energies and restore balance

Concentration Spell – Helps to calm your mind and focus your attention towards your desired purpose

Self Confidence Spell – Boosts your self confidence for specific events, such as presentations, interviews & new ventures

Healing Spell – Aids recovery and reduce symptoms including  pain, insomnia , anxiety etc..

Inspiration Spell – Ignites your creativity and imagination for new ideas

Money Drawing Spell – Draws that little extra cash to you, it won’t make you rich but adds that little extra needed


If you would like a specific Blessings spell not listed please do contact us.


Please be advised that in accordance with the law Bohobanshees make no claims of any supernatural or therapeutic effects of any of the items. Further more, our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or mental disease.

By purchasing our Candle Magick, Blessings, Spell Casting , Custom Spells or Healing Services you are giving BohoBanshees full  permission to perform the rituals, healing or any other service stated on your behalf.  Please see  our terms and Conditions for full details.



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