Custom Spells




Custom Spells

Our fully customized Spell Casting service is exactly that. We speak with our clients, we get background information on their situation, health, well being etc… We require a photo of them and if working for their business etc… then photos and details of that too. We meditate on these details and ask anymore questions we feel might be relevant. We work with the client designing the spell needed for them, some times this maybe different to the spell they had in mind depending on what we feel is the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it may take several different spells if there are different aspects that need addressing. We will also send our client instructions and any items we feel they require to start their own rituals and work alongside us. In these Spells we will work with the lunar cycles casting when the energies are at their most potent and we continue to work with the client and cast until the spell is complete. For this reason The Client must contact us prior to purchasing as we have split  our fees into 3 tiers,  reflecting the amount of work and time we have to commit to it, Custom Spell 1 is £100,  Custom Spell 2 is £175 and Custom Spell 3 is £250.



Please be advised that in accordance with the law Bohobanshees make no claims of any supernatural or therapeutic effects of any of the items. Further more, our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or mental disease.

By purchasing our Candle Magick, Blessings, Spell Casting , Custom Spells or Healing Services you are giving BohoBanshees full  permission to perform the rituals, healing or any other service stated on your behalf.  Please see  our terms and Conditions for full details.


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