Spell Casting




Spell Casting

Our Spell Castings are more intense and potent rituals. Aimed to work over time for a more long term outcome rather than a quick fix. These spells are worked in conjunction with the lunar phases to make them more potent however if you wish them to be cast sooner we will oblige.  The Client will need to provide us with a photograph either of themselves or of something relevant to the spell , along with a full explanation of what they need help with. We will request any further information needed and confirm when your spell will be cast. Below is a list of our most popular spells , however if the spell you require is not listed here please do contact us.

Protection Spell – Banishes all negative detrimental energies internal and external from you, your life and your home. Wards off evil spirits, protects against psychic attacks  and promotes inner strength, clarity and positive energy.

Prosperity Spell – Removes psychological blocks towards prosperity, focuses and enhances your energy towards your prosperous goals. Raises  your vibrational energy allowing you to become more open to receiving and increases your creativity and intuition.

Business Growth Spell –  Attracts more customers and revenue, raise the vibration of the business, you and your staff, add more creativity and new ideas to the table and focus your attention and energies towards a more prosperous business

Energy Cleansing Spell – Grounds all unwanted energies from you and your environment, returning it to mother earth and in turn filling you and your home with grounded, healing earth energies.

Banishing Spell – This can be used to banish anything that does not serve you or your life. Whether it is  negative thoughts, negative energies or a person or a situation. This spell helps to cut the ties that bind us to it.

Un-Hexing Spell – Some times we are jinxed whether it is set in our own minds or from someone else, whether its a repeating pattern or an ancestral tie, this spell returns it to where it came and raises your vibration to move forward.

Healing Spell – We use many types of healing spells dependent on what you feel you need it for. This will be discussed with you once we have your back ground information.

Self Love Spell – Learn to love your self, the first most important aspect of any ones journey in life, this spell helps to raise your vibration towards good habits, gives you a little self confidence, helps to banish negative thoughts we have about our selves and encourages love and happiness from within.

Swift Justice Spell – This spell will serve justice where justice is due., however be warned if used incorrectly IE, to exact revenge or to try and deceive it will be you this spell serves justice too!

Please be advised that in accordance with the law Bohobanshees make no claims of any supernatural or therapeutic effects of any of the items. Further more, our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or mental disease.

By purchasing our Candle Magick, Blessings, Spell Casting , Custom Spells or Healing Services you are giving BohoBanshees full  permission to perform the rituals, healing or any other service stated on your behalf.  Please see  our terms and Conditions for full details.


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