Psychic Enhancement Box


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Psychic Enhancement Box

Psychic Charms, Potions & Spells work to purify and activate the third eye and crown chakra. Cleansing the aura field of excessive energy, aiding meditation and raising your vibration. Using crystals, herbs & essences that resonate on these levels and strengthen your connection to spirit.

Box Includes:

1 x Psychic Enhancement Mojo Bag contains

1 x Psychic Development Votive Candle with aromas of Hyssop & Mugwort topped with sea salt, lavender, bay & Amethyst

1 x Psychic Power Oil 20ml- with amethyst, bay leaf, mug wort, lavender & Hyssop.

1 x Psychic Enhancement Bath Bomb – With a 3 cedar wood combination topped with rose petals & Lavender

1 x Psychic Enhancement Incense 10g – with Frankincense, Cedar wood, Mugwort, rose & lavender

All our Products are organic, ethically sourced, eco friendly and vegan.

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