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Protection Spell Kits

Negative energies arrive at our doors in many forms and often without knowing we invite them to stay for tea! Some negative energies generate from within us, unhealthy lifestyles, habitual thought patterns, past traumas, we often suppress the true feelings as the strength of these emotions over whelm us, they cloud our judgement and self confidence. Other negative energies attach to us from other people and surroundings, especially if your an empath. And for those of us who work with Spirit and Energy there is always the risk of unwanted visitors attaching to us. In which ever way these energies come to us, they effect us Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.

Bohobanshees protection boxes are based around our own favourite protection practices. We combine our favourites from several traditions -, witchcraft -Wicca & Pagan, Irish/Celtic magic, yogic practices and our own Spells & affirmations. Our Full Kits provide you with all the tools you will need to protect yourself, your environment and your psyche from all types of negative energies.

All Our Protection Spells & Charms are made & charged under the Full Moon.

This kit can be brought without the altar box, see options when buying.

Your Box Contains:

1 x Handcrafted Protection Box with Pentagram Pyrography (optional)
6(h) x 12(w) x 8(d) inches

1 x Handmade Protection Enhancement Wand
(includes Dalmatian Jasper, Tigers Eye, Black Onyx & Snowflake Obsidian)
10(h) x 0.5(w) x 0.5(d) inches

1 x Protection Hanging Charm

1 x Protection Votive Candle

1 x Sage Smudge Stick
(100% Organic Sage)

1 x Protection Mojo Charm Bag

1 x 10g Protection Raw Incense

1 x 10ml Protection Intention Oil
1 x 10ml Black Rock Salt
1 x 10ml Protection Salt

1 x Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal
(Ethically Sourced)

1 x Witch Dr Remedies Protection Bath Bomb

each Item comes with simple recommendations on use.

The Boxes are handmade to order and can take up to 10 days from point of order. Kits without Altar boxes are dispatched within 4 working days .

All items are Handcrafted and blessed by Bohobanshees. All materials and items are ethically sourced and 100% Organic.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 cm


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