Protection Mojo Bag


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Protection Mojo / Charm Bag

Protection Mojo Bags ward off all negative energies. Repelling evil spirits, protecting against psychic attacks, absorbing negative fields with in the environment and promotes inner strength, clarity and positive energy.

These Beautiful Handmade Protection Charm Bags are our own favourite blend of black tourmaline, black Cohosh, Silver and Mugwort that we use in our personal practices and rituals. Spell Parcels contain Black Tourmaline shards, Black Salt and Sterling Silver piece and Black Cohosh. Sealed with Black protection wax infused with Mugwort and Hyssop.

All protection charms have been created and charged under the full moon and blessed by Bohobanshees.

These charm bags can be worn as necklaces, kept in your bag, hung in your car, your work space or placed under your pillow.

All our products are organic, handcrafted or ethically sourced. All products are made with highest and purest intent. Our space is cleansed prior and we set the intention.

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