Four Thieves Massage Oil 10ml


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Four Thieves Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Four Thieves oil dates back to 1413, the time of the Bubonic Plague. Legend tells of four French Thieves who robbed victims of the plague without themselves catching it. When eventually caught the judge agreed some lenience in sentence if they divulged their secret. They told the judge it was their perfume, a blend of oils that they wore on various parts of their body. The Thieves were hung for their crimes instead of burnt at the stake and the judge was said to share their recipe with doctors. Physicians after this were said to have worn the infamous plague masks with the beaks filled with clothes saturated in the Thieves blend.

Although I can not verify the authenticity of this story ,Thieves oil is still used today¬† and is recognized for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral , Anti Inflammatory and mood enhancing properties. It can be put to use as a natural alternative to many of the chemical-filled & toxic bacteria fighting products on the market today.

Our Hand Blended Thieves Massage oil uses the finest organic blends of Cinnamon bark, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary diluted to a 1% blend in Organic Apricot Kernel Oil.

Massage a few drops onto tired muscles or joints to relieve inflammation.

Massage onto feet to reduce inflammation.

Use on feet for anti fungal, anti microbial effects.

Place a few drops onto clothing to uplift your mood and promote clear airways.

You can add this to candles and diffusers however the scent will not be as strong as the pure oil.

Use a few drops as a mild anti bacterial hand moisturizer.

These are hand made to order and as with all our products they are organic, Eco friendly and ethically sourced.


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