Welcome to Bohobanshees Witches Shop. All our witchy wares are handcrafted using organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients, crafted with the Lunar cycles to bring you the highest quality magickal products.

BohoBanshees offer a wide range of simple D.I.Y Spell Boxes, Tools & Magickal Blessed items in our Witches Shop. All come with suggestions on how to use them so you can explore and practice your own unique magickal abilities – Protection Kits, Prosperity Spells, Candle Magick, Mojo Bags, Divination Tools, Psychic Development Tools, Wand Magick, Anointing oils, Witches bottles and Bathing Ritual sets.

All our products are handmade in house by us, They are Vegan Friendly, Eco Friendly, Organic and Ethically Sourced. We use small/ local Companies & Businesses for all our ingredients and recycle and up cycle anything we can to support our mother earth.

We also provide many services including Custom Spell Casting, Distance Healing, House Clearance / Cleansing, Candle Blessings and Readings.